Foamy scene on the Pecatonica River in Blanchardville

January 22, 2018 0 Comments

Heavy rain and warmer temps over the past few days are likely to blame for this foamy scene on the Pecatonica River in Blanchardville on Monday.

Because the ground is still frozen, much of Monday’s rain quickly turned into runoff and flowed towards area waterways. In the process, the ground water picked up dead plants, which have been decaying at a quicker rate due to this past weekend’s warm weather. As the plant matter breaks down, it releases fatty acids which, when mixed with water and air causes foam to form.

Pecatonica River in Blanchardville via Jonathan Hefty

Because most spots in southern Wisconsin picked up more than inch of rain on Monday, several local rivers, including the Pecatonica, are experiencing flooding. Click here to see impacted rivers.

Rain reports since late Sun

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