Salary boosted for worker with ties to Hopper

March 18, 2011 16 Comments

A state worker with ties to Sen. Randy Hopper is being paid $11,000 more annually than her predecessor in a position at the department of regulation and licensing.

State officials said the woman, 26,  was hired to a limited term,   communications specialist  position last month,   with a salary equivalent to $42, 328 annually.

State officials Friday said the woman’s predecessor left the position in January,   with a salary equivalent to $31,200 annually.   No explanation was given for the new hire’s higher pay.

Sources told WKOW27 News the state employee was the same person referred to by Hopper’s estranged wife when she publicly stated her husband started an affair in Madison.   Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) and his estranged wife are in the midst of a divorce action.

During an interview with WKOW27 News,  Hopper declined to comment on his relationship with the woman.  

But Hopper told WKOW27 News he played no role in the woman’s hiring.

WKOW27 News is not identifying the state employee at this time because her hiring or employment is not the subject of a formal inquiry or complaint,  and she is not named in civil actions.   The woman has yet return any phone calls from WKOW27 News seeking comment.

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  1. lacuna says:

    One has to wonder how the internal hiring procedure played out. What is the original job posting? What was the interview and selection process? I know the City of Madison keeps detailed records of the entire hiring process, beginning with an internal request to fill the position, job announcement, selection process, interview scores, etc.

  2. Spirally says:

    He’ll suffer absolutely no negative repercussions for this. Everything is ok if you’re a Republican politician. Watch and see.

  3. Jay Dee says:

    It’s Valerie Cass, who was a lobbyist for Persuasion Partners, Inc., a right-wing lobbying firm.

  4. jls says:

    She gets paid more than the former employee hum that makes no sense at all. LTEs do not get paid more than the former employee. They get paid less. Even someone that retires from a position and then comes back after I think its 30-60 days to help out gets paid less than what they retired at. This is a fact. What a crock. And the state is broke RIGHT another lie. This woman needs to be let go or lower her wage. I’d like to see her hiring papers and the process they followed to hire her. There had to be a panel to interview her and others.

  5. kurt says:

    I dunno, Spirally… He seems like a posterboy for recall

  6. Rachel says:

    Also, please note, limited term employees (LTE) are not union represented positions, so they are outside of bargaining and are not union members.

  7. tickedoff says:

    I work for a different state agency, where I’m a communications specialist-senior. This is the second highest of 4 “bands” in the communications specialist job classification. I have almost 20 years experience in my job, yet I make only a few thousand dollars more than this young woman was hired at $11,000 more than the person who vacated the job only 2 months earlier. Have to wonder how an LTE job got reclassified so quickly (usually a reclass takes 1-2 years) to accommodate such a big pay hike.

  8. James Pingry says:

    When is the recall election???

  9. Doug says:

    Well, times are tough, and we have to cut back. I think the normal premium for someone who is sleeping with a State Senator is about +50%, so a receiving a mere 35% increase over the previous jobholder represents some serious belt-tightening.

  10. Kevin says:

    Bravo WKOW for sticking with this story.

  11. Mark Thompson says:

    I see this much more common by the Democrats!

  12. John says:

    It’s the Republican lobbyist who Mrs. Hopper said he was having an affair with.

  13. jeffry house says:

    Well, there’s the proof you don’t need unions! Just sleep with the boss, score an 11% raise! (Oh, sorry, I mean, “Just be referred to as the other woman by a wife getting a divorce.)

  14. mikey says:

    Wow…nearly a 10k pay increase just to start.

    Those pesky family value GOP bedbugs sure knwo how to jump the line and start sucking the Wisconsin Taxpayers blood.

    Oh…is THAT a RECALL petition on your clipboard ?

  15. felixthecat says:

    What an absolute outrage. These hypocrites are beyond disgusting.

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